[-empyre-] neurolinguistics and programming..

> Tonight I have finished work on a piece that represents something of a
medical breakthrough. It
> was commissioned by the Hokum School of Neurology, in collaboration with
the Bunktown
> Computational Linguistics dept in an effort to animate the processing of
linguistic information
> along the synapses. What you will see is the (silent) inside of a person's
language buses as
> they process language through the corridors of involuntary(?) cerebration.
This ultra
> microscopic view reveals that--wouldn't you know it--the inside of an
English-writing person
> does indeed contain lettristic symbols--sometimes letters, sometimes sets
of letters. These are
> learned structures that literally form in the brain.

yes please send the url ..:)

id be interrested as well to see the structures that make up the brain of a
differnt langauge groups.. right to left writers. top to bottom writers
etc..i am imaging gorgeous patterning and webs of interaction.. i know from
attempting to learn jepanses last year  that i feel like a different person
speaking a different language as i didnt know what was happening untillthe
end of each sentance.... so the whoel feeling fo expectation and rhythm of
interaction changes.. and i wonder if the patterning has any relation to the
artmaking of particular cultures.. eg the fabulous negative spaces in
chinses art, or the intricate patterning of arabic works ..
or maybe an example from last topic of dot art of australain indigenous

>We internalize the phenomenology of
>what a computer is and how to work one, ie, somewhat consciously, somewhat
unconsciously, and
>the more we shape with it, the closer we come to the intersection of
programming and, relatedly,

 i have returned to writing by pen recently..which is a totally wierd
experince as my muscules have mutated to type or use my tiny palm stylus..
and feel very uneasy now  with a pen.. but what has struck me is just with
this little bit of difference is the lagg between thought and execution.. th
e realtime processing of the brain is pretty speedy compared with how we
actually articluate it.. (which i know exists in typing as well but im not
as aware of it) ..

so  isn't why we liken computers to us because we built them in owr own
image.. to be extended parts of us.. programming thern is just anoterh
langauge executed realtime through different organs.. hardware organs..

and coming back to us isn't the  brain | body  programmed by our cultural
machine language?
or do you see the human here as uniquely individual , on top of the pile
directing the show..


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