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Embodiment -- seems still to be totally bound to a materialistic view of the world -- as are much of the commentary so far. A much more accurate tool for mapping is to move beyond Newtonian/materialistic/mechanistic ways of modeling the noumenal would (including our selves) and apply some Quantum/Taoist & other models (for brevities sake, although this issue does take LONG dialogue to get to the principles of, more than can be allowed here, and is NOT bound to those particular modeling systems, just using them as possible starting points)...

x.cellent. john. [chpt N]re[versal]moval of cartesian conditioning is a tuff call.
[read: is n.demically underwritten].

If one takes a reduced interpretation of Quantum and looks at touch, for example, touch becomes the energized interaction between two states of a universal energy field. the two 'objects' coming into (cartesian) contact merely expressions of that universal field in different energized conditions...

tactility/somaesthesia echoing many.festing states of consciousness?

Much further along this line, an art 'object' is (nothing more than ) a difference in energy 'condition' (language is woefully short, as is contemporary mathematics to accurately model this energized universe).

is it possible 2 re.load in formulaic terms?

From this point of view, taking my embodied energy state (I am a being of energy), I use energy to transform, change the states of regions around me (impossible to get away from Cartesian language!), and allow those changed regions re-radiate to the Other, to be received as 'inspiration' (or not).

echos of quasi-_Matrix_ized-snatched rhetoric here [Neo as able 2 change the actual parameters|structure of the matrix]

[ 4give me 4 ah.llusionary drawlings.]

The actual mediated 'form' (a now-defunct word in this system) is, literally, immaterial. Whether I use a painting or 20000 km of cable, mouse, screen, processor, and keyboard (AND electric energy). The crux is how I gather my energy together, focus it in attentive and concentrated measure to leap the abyss from the Self to the Other with that energy. NOT the materialist form, that is an obsolete way to model the exchange!

<flagging term> .obsolete.

....wood luv u 2 unpack further the current|contemp state yr advocating.......

Okay, three paragraphs, not enough time to go into details. I usually take a week in my workshops to get over Newtonian worldviews which have gotten us into the HUGE f*%#^king mess we are in these days, and move on to idiosyncratic and ultimately individual world views that validate each persons sensual experience in the world, and free people from the onerous burden of having to justify the uniqueness of their vision to a largely hostile socio-cultural matrix...


Strangely enough, from this 'energy' based worldview, language is placed squarely into a space of being just a socialized abstraction for trading models between self and other.

sapir-whorfian hypothesis taken 2 its febrile [non-c] x.treme?

Language is not an actual carrier of the energy (as voice and expiration and vibrating vocal cords ARE, the actual language is NOT)... Language has nothing to do with that which is described (the map is not the territory).

ah no. the reverse then?

Or at least there is a final and complete gap between what any model system seeks to describe/circumscribe and the sensual, energized experience or presence itself... we can dance around the Void with all our models, but it still comes down to the impossibility of re-creating or re-presenting lived presence and be-ing...

Have I dug a deep enough hole for meself?

if so, then:

[mark: a logic.ley.line in the technosphere
mark: an N.titty d.void of cartesian stratum]



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