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What I would like to explore is digital art that bridges the gap between what comes to mind with
the term 'Electronic Poetry' and other forms of digital art.

bridges or _breaks_ the gaps, jim?

[u know i'm a fracture|slippage boffin from waaaay back:)]

bridges m.plies links & trajectories.....linear progressions that align nicely with yr programma logic.

I admired the work of several
'polyartists' early on in my path of folly. My work is toward synthesis of arts, media, and
programming. With stress on language. And sometimes strain. Poetry suffers as never before.

ahh. stresses + strains.

[read engineerspeek. i'm reacting rather ballistically here in corresponding orientation 2 john hopkins nrg post].

[nothing x.ists in iso[topical].lation].

I've been thinking about the role of programming in digital art recently and also, more
specifically, about the role of programming in digital poetry. What I'd like to do is share my
thoughts on these two related subjects. I've been writing something on this matter, started it
before you asked me to be featured in the soft skinned space. It's in process, not hard coded as
yet, so feedback on it will also be formative in the essay and perhaps the feedback itself will
form something interesting.

yay 4 [the n.courag][able][ement of] feedback!

Much 'Electronic Poetry' does not involve much programming by the artist.

programming as defined by the ultilization of co[mpooter]ncrete languages, jim?

[u may have answerd these in ltr posts.
[my time.telescoping makes this problematic].

sorry if yes.


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