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At 11:05 PM 1/05/2003 +0100, you wrote:
This is probably why I sisn't contribute that much. I
cannot see the point in substituting "interesting"
with "n.trestin".

the point is in the transferral of mobile lingos + co[(e)llapsing]ndensing of lingual structures.

cultural looking_glass.

mim[l]icking etherality @ a mi.c[h]ro[nic]lvl.

Someone else pointed it out in
another message about the "big words".

But then I'm getting probably old, and less and less
interesting in what's cool.

this _n.terest_ in non-regular x.pression is hardly "cool", Cristiano. it is very circa 1983, actually. ;)

And in front of my old
fashioned glass of wine reflect on how useless is
freedom of speech when there is nothing to say.

there is _alwaze_ sumthing 2 contribute. whether u actively seek 2 absorb|regurgitate is ur decision.

This list has contributed to my understanding of lots
of things. The fact that it is quiet does not mean
it's gone. Silence is a virtue.



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