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At 08:37 AM 3/05/2003 -0700, you wrote:
This slips into that; writing slips into programming; programming slips into writing; depending
on the view we take of 'writing', 'programming' is a subset of 'writing' or is distinguishable
from 'writing'; so if you mean "breaks the gaps" in the sense of making writing
indistinguishable from 'programming' or 'Electronic Poetry' indistinguishable from other digital
art, the answer is yes and no.

ja andno

yay 4 slip.pages!

yr approach fascinates me jim.
.in yr POV the unda.[frame_rendered]wiring is guided by stratified, structural pinings|leanings but still n.compasses contrasts n contradictions.


- pro][rating][.lucid.txt
_men[iscus_heart] plucking via broken[u]ges_

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