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At 04:20 PM 2/05/2003 +1000, gen[us]i wrote:

Well, papers and artworks - I'm being very old-fashioned, but the fact is, I
can't properly get my head around the ephemerality of email; it makes me not
want to put the sort of effort into writing about complex ideas in a post;.
. .email just doesn't seem like a place where I want to do hard work,
especially when I have so many other things I have to write.

hey geni,

am there any other net.worked communication avenues u use in textual sense that n.cludes a "hard work" orientation [eg PANS etc]? i'm currently lap.topless + am geophysically scattered frequently so use my mobile 2 jot down theory|creative not[ation]es?

Given that empyre is a list with certain presumptions that there will be a
low noise ratio (which I wouldn't have any other way; I have a very short
fuse with half-baked posts these days),

yikes. :)

I cannot personally find the time to
put into researching minor articles to post to the list (unless I could
combine that research and writing with some other purpose, I guess)

(Perhaps some empyreans think that I should not be on empyre?; this textual
gift economy that i'm not complying to. . .)

hmm. well u've just revoked that ca[u]ll by providing this post, yes?

that said, Jim, your forthcoming topic may get a spark outta me,
particularly since I spend all my days programming multiple levels of

how so geni? [details?] [u've probably answered this already.]

- what I think we need is a new linguistics, to go with a
phenomenological analysis; a linguistics that copes with the network and
multiple, interconnected textualities; that can provide us with some
structural tools without fading into a mixture of mathematics, physics and
mysticism . . .

mezangelle, any1?;)

curiouser + curious.her,

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_men[iscus_heart] plucking via broken[u]ges_

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