Re: [-empyre-] neurolinguistics and programming..

jim said:
> It isn't hard to make software so that when you interact with other
people, you don't have a
> clue whether you're interacting with other people or just the computer.
For instance, if all you
> can do is click on objects, and that results in some action that the
person you are
> 'communicating' with sees, then depending on how random the consequence of
clicking is, such
> actions may be indistinguishable from what the computer might be able to
do. In this situation,
> an odd variation of the Turing test, we are not necessarily compelled to
grant the machine human
> qualities because the interaction has been almost like talking to a brick
wall. We get no
> patterned information from the interaction, just random noise. One cannot
even communicate in
> formal language since the message sent to the others is randomized. One
might resort to Morse
> Code, for instance, formally encoded in clicks.

geni said :
>sounds interesting, but where is the auditor / reader in relation to the
>text/machine (Aarseth), possibly implicit in your reference to 'writing
>potentialities'. . .I think one must take care not to objectivize the text
>external to its interpretation too greatly; one needs a reader-response
>theory for the machine

yes what about seeing the human machine interaction from the other side..
where the machine consciousness interperstes the oterh factors in the the sort of unconscious cues in human /human or
animal/animal err let me expand that to anything/anything interaction like
the rhythm, the body temperature, cooling fan speed, breath or cpu useage
rate, relative postions etc etc..the subtleties that go along with the
obvious information transferal..

for example im thinking about that  lovely work where a persons mouse
movements are captured  and looped.. it is just point and move and click but
the trajectories display personality as well which im sure the machien could
interpret.. or pat cadigans  book "synners" where the computer knows who is
typing into it by the rhythm and pattern of of thier keystrokes..

ps. i was at a ICOLS gathering last night and our hostess Bronia  pulled out
the marvin minsky

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