[-empyre-] re machine interfaces

i have only been in ephemere rather than osmose.. my most vidid memories of
the piece are physical  ..of having very sore thigh muscles the next day as
i was trying to go faster to see more (you acceletare by squatting) i
had lots of interface problems..my vest wasnt tight enough so my breath
navigation didnt necessarily work..and i was hyperventilating (perhaps one
source of the 'feeling moved" ) and i have a smaller than average head
(what an alarming personal disclosure) and the had to keep hanging onto my
HMD to stop it slipping as i looked around as it wasnt secure either .. i
actually found it very frustrating and much preferred the comfortable video
documentation i had seen rather than the "immersive" experience.

as a person who works in immersve work i really hated to admit that...


simon wrote:
> > Definitely Osmose, although I do not remember the "code" at the bottom.
> > found the interface annoying. It encumbered, leaving one feeling
> > and uncomfortable. The solitariness of interaction was also problematic,
> > sustaining the dynamic of author/reader as a one on one relationship.
> >
barrie wrote
> I am curious to know why you find the one-on-one experiencing of the piece
> problematic. Its interesting to note that we are all essentially alone, as
> Thomas Merton observed, and also that one on one 'conversations' sometimes
> provide the intimacy that allows more deeply felt meaning to be be
> discovered and shared.

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