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on 4/5/03 7:37 PM, Jim Andrews at wrote:

Jim said:

> most criticism relates work
> to literary issues or art issues or philosophical issues but can't get at the
> roles of
> programming in the work.

Indeed, that is what I mean by a type of linguistics, which for me wouldn't
be dreadfully mathematical becuase I just can't go there, but would go
beyond genres, and would also allow for some precise analytic tools . .

why are we talking about *electronic poetry*? while i have that intellectual
background, it seems to ghettoize the conversations, and indeed distort the
linguistic nature of algorithmic works, and condemn us to isolate the
surface phenomena from the *deep* structures (haha) that really determine
what we can and can't do. . .

Melinda said

> interaction like
> the rhythm, the body temperature, cooling fan speed, breath or cpu useage
> rate, relative postions etc etc..the subtleties that go along with the
> obvious information transferal..

I have a very sore sword arm from killing the Diablo beasts; this amazon is
definitely me, I feel her pain; she also changes me psychologically, for
example, I have no time at all for the subtleties of life at the moment; I
go to the gym in order to train for my next bout with the monsters


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