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>> ...computers are linguistic and symbolic systems
>> that come into being as performative linguistic events. That is, each
>> computer program, as it runs, is an example of parole, the particular
>> instance of language as it exists in the world. So, if computing is writing
>> then programming is the "art" of forming writing potentialities and the
>> execution of the program equivalent to utterance or the moment of poesis.
> sounds interesting, but where is the auditor / reader in relation to the
> text/machine (Aarseth), possibly implicit in your reference to 'writing
> potentialities'. . .I think one must take care not to objectivize the text
> external to its interpretation too greatly; one needs a reader-response
> theory for the machine
Sorry, I thought my text referred to this explicitly when I wrote that in
some instances it is the computer that is the reader/interpreter.

I agree with you 100%. The text only comes into being in the reading.
Reading is 50% of the writing...although perhaps it is unwise to put exact
figures on things ;)



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