[-empyre-] on electronic poetry

Hi Jim Andrews, list members

i joust came back from short 1. of May holydays (slovly going to summer my part of world)
and find my inbox to contain many messages with thoughts on electronic poetry whic is
topic i explore quite a lot in my own art work (interested might check it at http://www.jaka.org )

well i was not able to follow from beging so i'll like to ask Jim (i also have to say i like
your work a lot!) and list on some topics:

- how exactly do you think of computers as language machines?

i have problem with this: i found computer to be very visual (we use graphical user interface),
there are several visual programing languages, we rarly give text comands to computer
and most of all programing languages are not at all close to natural human languages (whic
still are main material of (e)poetry be it in visual or in sound manifestation of language). when
we translate code of computer we basicaly get 0's and 1's (or aples and peaches it realy doesn't
matter) - which is pure logic and so more mathematics than language

- i would also like to ask you Jim do inside e-poetry find relevant the medium of it?
Can difference betven e-poetry on a web page and in exe program be relevant?

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