[-empyre-] Typescape.2


first thanks to Jim and Simon Biggs for your coments on my questions + i'll cut your questins in several mails to make them more readable

I have experienced your 'Typescape.2' piece before and was very impressed. I tried it just now but I
think I need to reboot from all the multitasking I've been doing before my machine can handle
'Typescape.2'. Could you speak about that work, Jaka, and tell us what to do and something of
what to expect in this piece and how to move within it?

Typescape.2, http://www.jaka.org/2001/typescape2/ (made in March 2001)
is quite demanding regarding technology used - it uses some non web standard features of Internet Explorer available in version 5.5 or later
and it might not work properly if Windows Media Player is not instaled. Quick time might cause some problems (i guess it have some
problem in relation javascript -- in-html-ebeded-sound plug-in comunication (?)). i have 2,60 MB so quick connection is, well, strongly sugested :)

(it was made on Windows 2000, I.Explorer 5.5 with Windows Media Player, works well allso on Windows XP. Linux dont have I. Explorer
as far as i know, i don't know about it's functionality on Mac, no Mac around here...)

Typescape.2 is kind of interactive multimedia poem. Main elements are 3 visual structures (related to ascii art),
3D animated letters (made in 3D Max, based on CD Democratica font if i remember correctly), somputer generated sounds
of letters (i forgot whic program i used, i only remember it worked on line, later i edited sound with cool edit). This is all combined
on dinamic html page, manipulated by many many lines of javascript.

ok, enought of technology.

'user'/co-author choose one of the visual structures (ornament, text or telephone) and fins him/her -self in front of blank, full screen
window in green color. By typing anything it wishes co-author is slowly writing text which apperares in form of chosen visual structure
(they have 1188, 665 or 444 characters). By typing a letter co-author/user is allso trigering logicaly conected sound events and related
3D animation. By clicking the right mouse button co-author/user can assess menu where it can change properties of all elements of the work
(colors, sizes, types of animation and it's behavior, sounds...) and it can allso send typed text by e-mail (text shoud remain in the same shape as on
screen). Work has realy huge number of posible manifestations of itself.

In beging of the year i made an exhibition of this work in a gallery in Ljubljana:
http://www.parasite-pogacar.si/P74/arhiv/2003/jaka.htm (small archive of exhibiton)

There was on computer in a gallery, some old fashioned table and chair. All walls of gallery were covered by documentation
of writing of the text in one of the structures (more than 650 prints... it took 3 days/ me +2 other people to put this on the wals :)

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