[-empyre-] role of programming || typescape.2

And, since we are on the subject of poetry and programming, what is the role of programming for
you in this piece?

Wery hard to answer this (simple?) question. But i think that program is the work itself. (in example of Typescape.2 that we talk about)

(ok, not program but script, i used javascript
(and some perl for sending mails but this perl scrtipt/program i don't see as
part of Typescape -it's joust some +/- standad tool to send e-mails))

And this work is only potential. It needs someone to type something and play with it to
manifest itself. But this is then only one manifestation of the work, not work itself.

Work itself it's in program (and sounds and visuals manipulated by program) - there is
the idea of the work. This idea allready contains almost endles posible manifestation.

Still 'user' (i desperatly need beter word for 'this') is not sopoused to look at the code
but to interact with the work (result of code and related technoilogy) and so get the idea
of this poem).


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