RE: [-empyre-] debris and others

hi jhave,

steve duffy's work (Debris: ) takes to the screen very well, doesn't
it. lots of white space, and much is intriguingly left to the imagination. leaving things up to
the imagination can of course be done in many ways. either by having people provide some of the
content or by providing all the content but leaving much up to the imagination, that sort of
'interactivity'. or other ways...

and as you point out, the debris is among connected things... steve spoke about "connectedness"
and other things in , an IRC conversation with him
from Defib in 2000 that i produced. three years ago yesterday, it seems: done on May 7.

great to have you in this discussion, jhave, of 'electronic poetry' and, given my own evil ways,
of poetry and programming. you are exploring these possibilities too in your work at . I've also enjoyed your work at , jhave, which i saw on a video
billboard on yonge street in toronto.


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