Re: [-empyre-] electron materiality

At 03:14 PM 4/05/2003 +1200, susan ballard wrote:

One of the joys of intermittent lurking is playing catch up.

...currently x.periencing the ova.hang of a version of a similar txtlapse ie respon.d[anc]ing 2 threads as they unfold chronologically in my inbox, as opposed 2 f.litter.aging thru subject matta.....

[playing collimator catch_up:)]

I find myself
reading selecting copying and then forgetting exactly who said what, but
aware that a conversation has occurred, you know I have participated all the
way through, you just couldn't see me do it.

observable output = 0? as opposed 2 waxing & waning meaning flux + parti[pre]cipation dust.


- pro][rating][.lucid.txt
_men[iscus_heart] plucking via broken[u]ges_

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