[-empyre-] typescape.2 tech. problem

Jim: > hi jaka,

sorry, i seem to be having some problems with sound and video concerning typescape.2, jaka--not
getting any. i did visit it a couple of times previously and the experience was quite different.
all i experienced this time was a green screen into which i typed and that filled in a
form...very different from last time...but my machine is kind of whacked out at the moment,

yes it does not work properly, if you see only what you see there is some problem with program for playing embeded sounds which disables allso 3d animation...

usualy Quick time makes problems - but stranege enought, not allways
(technical problems - since i'm an artist and not some hard core techical geek -
are realy unhealty for my nerves :)

Barrie: > Hi Jaka,

Just a tech note. I am running OS 9.1 on a Mac and we Mac people can't get
IE 5.5 yet. M'soft is only up to Internet Explorer 5.1.6 for Mac OS 8.1 to
9.x and Internet Explorer 5.2.2 for Mac OS X.

I tried to load Typescape.2 with IE5 but no go. Any chance you might be
making your work available to us poor deprived Mac users sometime?

thank you for information. i'm afraid typescape will stay the way it is. it's made of hundreds lines of javascript and i'm afraid to even look at it again :)

but maybe this wersion of explorer for Mac suports right wersion of javascript
(on PC IE 5.5 ad some functionality to javascript related to number of digits
after . - i don't know how to call this in English: you can say give me 3 digits after decimal point,
so insted 3.223123123 you get 3.223). at least if i remember correctly.

anyway you can try this address and skip browser checking:


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