RE: [-empyre-] Re: form and content

> i find programing (or scripting) to be the necesary medium to realise
> the work = it would be imposible to make this work
> in noprogramable environment. do one use java, perl, php, shockwave, ...
> it does not matter much. Still with any
> programing/scripting language you get special 'flawor' by using it.

choosing the right tools is often important for any particular job.

> So in most cases decition for specific programing/scripting language is
> part of the work itself. (beside typical interface and inherent
> estetic (you know it's flash when you see it) there are in some cases
> also political implications (open source, copyright, ...)).

yeah, director's proprietary so it's not as cool as open source tools like frogo. i like the
concept of open source tools. but director has been around since 87 and it's always been for
artists; i see long term committment there to making an excellent tool for artists. it could
certainly use an OOP overhaul, but that won't happen. it would break too many things. so it has
a lifetime. not sure how long. but all these tools have a lifetime.

> i found it wery interesting.

thanks, jaka.

> how come it was decided to change text
> based on mouseovers?

this way they're less like a 'tool' and more like a hedgehog.

> + maybe i overloked: when were StirFryText made?

1999 for the first one; the last one (so far), "Blue Hyacinth", was a collab with Pauline
Masurel in 2003.

> ++ :
>     else {
>       alert("Sorry, you need Internet Explorer 4 or later for the Stir
> Fry Texts.");
>       window.close();
>     }
> radical solotion? :)

should go back, not close, shouldn't it. yeah.


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