[-empyre-] re: poets? (arteroids and conceptual concussions)

anyway, just a note or two of hello,

re: poets?

jenny holzer: http://adaweb.walkerart.org/context/artists/holzer/holzer1.html
joseph kosuth: http://members.ozemail.com.au/~barberr/gems3.html

basically, defining thru inclusion or negation on categories of poet or not doesn't seem to reflect the reality of how the data swirls....
(but is something we all do i suppose....)
so in that way i submit this : poem ? http://www.starvingx.com/eJot/index.php?mid=281

in response to the interview with joseph kosuth, ( i recognize him as an individual whose conceptual velocity exceeds my own) yet, I disagree with him here and there and wanted to say that hedonism and pleasure-instinct-calibrated beauty in art is not alway apolitical or stupid ("pander to show-biz" was his dismissive phrase for work that is physically viscerally beautiful). .... just another case of opinion tectonics, which made me chuckle as i read thru holzer's list belief which seems to ironically deconstruct any clinging we might have to right or wrong....as a tangent, i have often thought that artists are only exploring the farthest reaches of conceptualism since commercials are often so technically brilliant (or at least well-funded enough to emulate brilliance),

ok enuff of that,

jim, the word for wierdos input mode of arteroids opens it up in a delightful way
and that mp3 is suggestive of really great glitch muzik....i really like it


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