Re: [-empyre-] re: poets? (arteroids and conceptual concussions)

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> If poetry is to remain the art in which the most intense and contemporary
> engagements with
> language are played through, then our notions of poetry should be capacious
> enough to admit the
> work of people such as kosuth and holzer. poetry extends through all the
> dimensions of language.
Poetry stopped being something to do with conventional written language (eg:
words, letters, typography, numbers, whatever) a long time ago. It has
become a methodology and one that works equally well with images, sounds,
actions, computer programs or whatever. Poetry is a state, a time/space
where association can work, an opportunity for constructive (and destructive
as well as deconstructive) intertextuality. It is about connections between

In this Kosuth and Holzer are both poets, although they might not see
themselves as such. However, they do not necessarily write poems...

That said, I have no idea what a poem is anymore...perhaps they no longer
exist. In a way I no longer know what an artwork can be either, only what it
takes to allow one to come into being, more as an experience than an



Simon Biggs

Research Professor
Art and Design Research Centre
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