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Hi -

What you say about continuums male/female and chracteristics exchange
(synaesthesia I think as well?) is of great interest to me. Most of my
live work at this point involves laptop performance, in which several
modalities conflict and cohere - at the E-Poetry conference, I used
electric guitar, quicktime movies, improvisational typing, text-based
movies, etc. I'm aware, while working, of semantic tracks that cross
modalities; something might begin, for example, in speech from one or
another quicktime, only to be echoed in improvised text. My own role
involves both static and dynamic production - i.e. the playing of audio or
video or textual work in combination with instrumental sound and type.

I do know for the audience there's a jump; one performance in Toronto was
reviewed, and the reviewer said he made more sense of it with his eyes
closed. So at least some pick a track and stay there.

For myself, everything enters the soup, so to speak - the problem isn't
dissemination, but attempting to keep things under control. I'm worried
about going too much in a baroque direction, adding and adding; at this
point, I'm tending to subtract.

Have you worked with voiceover at all - or voiceunder? There has been a
lot of theorizing of the role of the female voice (Kaja Silverman for
example) in film and other production -

Hope this is to the point - otherwise, please ignore -

Trace projects

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