Re: [-empyre-] Re: voices , genders and other matters empyre Digest, Vol 4, Issue 16

But what does it mean for a voice to _belong_ to a locality? This is a
question of great interest - it's here that politics - of hegemony,
domination, control - arise, as well as mapping - because localities and
voices map poorly, both in terms of sound production, and in terms of
resonance, echo, repeaters of all sorts, filterings and transformations.
It's easier to transform the space of vocalization than physical space
itself - Rosset talks about the 'idiocy' of the real - that the real is
obdurate, granular all the way down, immobile and immobilized - but the
voice, sound, are in a way floating signifiers - your use of in-between or
liminal vocalizations takes advantage of this of course. Androgyny in
visual or gender/sexual terms is _named_ - androgyny in terms of the voice
isn't -

Alan -
Trace projects

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