[-empyre-] context and text

Dear empyre

Context. This is recurring word in my artistic
vocabulary and one which I struggle with daily in my
practice. It is a concern which I take very seriously
and one which I have not shed since moving my practice
towards text from more visual art forms. 

My question is do you think that context plays a role
in writing? 

What brings me to this, is the disucussion surrounding
new and old mediums and the perhaps even the quality
of the work produced in either of these forms. When
working with visual art media such as installation,
photography, video the context in which the work is
displayed impacts upon its reading by the viewer.
Could such a thing be possible in literature?

If a person downloads an ebook and prints it off, then
reads it in their own home, does this give a different
context to the writing, than if it was in a book or
collection of printed short stories/essays?

Equally if a piece of literature is read on a screen
do you think this will alter the persons understanding
or interpretation of the text?

This is a slight deviation from the previous topic but
is one that is pertinent to myself as an artist
working across media forms and I hope to others on the
Empyre list. 

thank you

Lucy Gibson

Web site : www.itchyfingers.org

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