Re: [-empyre-] context and text

Lucy wrote:

When working with visual art media such as installation,
photography, video the context in which the work is
displayed impacts upon its reading by the viewer.
Could such a thing be possible in literature?

yes, medium has influence on understanding of language content, on several levels.
When reading from book or screen we usualy use different
codes: underlined word means something different in print (emphasize)
than on screen (link) - this is stil valid if sreen content (or e-book) is printed -
we are aware of this and if we joust get print we are usualy able to reconstruct that
content is screen based. Underlining of the word opens different content isuses and
different expectations.

And there is a lot of elements like this (for example: sreen
based text might change if we 'touch' it with mouse - we don't expect this in book, ...)


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