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Hello to empyre members.

As the empyre-owner proposed me to, as I'm quiet new in the list,
here is an introduction to my actual art attempt:

Japanese traditionnal calligraphy vs new media, video and digital.
Working on the realtion of calligraphy to electonic text, as with video
projections of meaning-coreographic compositions on big size chinese
classical calligraphy works, as well as more modern composition with ink and

You can find an example here (work displayed in the swedish embassy in Tokyo
last year) with a work (> / V
*) of Koteiken ( )k ) :

document = http://www.transcri.be/sweden1.html
brief description of the project = http://www.transcri.be/2002AN.html#Q

Another project that I worked on recently (February 2002) was a modern opera
I co-directed and co-produced, created from texts I wrote since my arrival
in Japan two years ago.
I worked with Butoh dancers and ABA production' Kenji Williams, a DJ that
combine classic violin with electronic sounds.

The purpose was to immerge the public within three languages (English,
French, Japanese) at all time with three huge projectors (wall+ceiling) as
well as by the sound.
Home page of the Opera : http://www.transcri.be/correspondence.html

Hopefully the texts aren't just there as a support, juge by yourselves here
(pdf files) :
English = http://www.transcri.be/Correpondence-englishtexts.pdf
French = http://www.transcri.be/Correspondence-textesfrancais.pdf
Japanese = http://www.transcri.be/Correspondence-japanesetexts.pdf

Now working on a conceptual "in situ" project covering the city of Tokyo and
somehow, the net world by the use of e-mail for huge scale poetry chat with
the population.
In my first 5 hours long test with 1500 people several months ago, using an
original self-computer software, I received messages in seven languages.

Well, sorry for the lenght, and sorry for cross-posting if it happen.

Eric Van Hove

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