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> Patrick said
> >Also, does the online/virtual actually allow for rich new
> methodologies of the construction of narrative through techniques such as
> virtual terrains(VR), associative mindmapping, Augmented Reality overlays,
> or multimodal representations?
> I'm not sure I follow everything you say but I do think an interesting
> project is the 3d version of Diana reed Slattery's Glide, in which she
> combines a 3d series of signs with a generative poetic semantics and of
> course there is a computational strucutre holding it together. While this
> system does not meet your interest in metanarrative it would seem that
> slattery has created a richly associative semantic environment in which the
> user can have the experinece of being 'inside' the sign, inside the sign
> simultaneously in a visual and semantic way

What I'm getting at is that I'm curious about the ability to (meta)structure larger texts in ways that are just impossible offline. Some of these ideas have been like Igor Vamos' Grounded (WHich is similar to a proposal I penned called 'Leyered World' [2000]), which overlays media on an actual landscape using GPS. I have also been interested in Augmented Reality for the ability to annotate physical space, akin to psychometry. And similar to these both, Other ideas that have entered my mind for narrative structures are the memory palace in VR, actual terrainscapes in VR that are embedde with texts or landscapes that are textual in nature themselves, roughly similar to Shaw's Legible City.

ALso another method that I love is the Plumb/Natrificial/perspecta [now defunct] method of using either spatial or associative maps for metastructuring texts. In many ways I wonder how any or all of these methods can be used to create narrative/cognitive structures that can make navigating arge chunks of information more compelling, or even aesthetic.

Ben Fry's Valence is also a good example of what I'm getting at as well.

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