Re: [-empyre-] howdy again

Dear All, Jason -

Jason, would it be possible for you to re-post your URL for your Flash
work?  This is a wonderful example of highly mediated narrative texts

also, with respect to long, long narratives with structures that can
only be achieved by hypermedia navigation, I would like to suggest
Califia as a model here.  The actual text prints out, if you could
print it out, to 350 pages.  All 8 sections are immediately accessible
by a keystroke.

Always, Margie

Jason Nelson wrote:

> A bit off topic....although I've enjoyed Jim's words
> and the conversation about elec lit.
> I'm coming to teach at Griffith (gold coast)
> soon....and am interested in saying early hellos to
> the net art folks working please do back
> channel....
> cheers, Jason Nelson
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