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Hi Mario,

You might want to take a look at the poster shop at Some amazing Art Nouveau stuff! What makes posters different from most drawings and paintings? I believe it is, amongst other things, that they have a clearer, less ambiguous message, and they use simple shapes that we all relate quite strongly to. There is an intent behind the image/lay-out to make people understand something, rather than to encourage them/us to think or feel or imagine or get upset or whatever.


Mario Lima Cavalcanti wrote:

Hi, friends

   Sorry if it's considered off-topic, but I would like to invite you to
know my virtual gallery of poster arts. I would like also to talk with those
who like all kind of poster arts, because it is a form of art that many
people like (and they don't know) ;-).
   Posters work good as propaganda and as art too. And I would like to know
and discuss why posters have this power.

   My virtual gallery url:

   Other poster arts galleries:


   Mario Cavalcanti.

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