Re: [-empyre-] Patrick's post

Many thnaks  Patrick -I looked at your site and enjoyed it very much. Lots
of interest there from the point of view of navigation and visuals. Looking
at this made it is a lot clearer to me what you were  drivinging at.

I really don't have any problem with anything you say. Of course multiple
hyperlinks in each lexia of hupertext can be used to create multiple
pathways too, but you obviously think that your site creates a different
kind of experience, and I can see that in some ways it does.

Anyway I certainly agree that thinking/creating in that kind
multidimensional way is extremely stimulating, and I'm  definitely
interested in those kinds of challenge myself. In fact being forced to
think in a multivalent way is probably the thing that MOST interests me
about any form of writing!

Thanks for your kind words, Hazel. I don't take any umbrage with any of your comments; it seemed to me that my viewpoint seemed to be a little 'unique' to the conversation vis-a-vis my focus on devices such as cognitive mapping, parallel narratives, and multivalent discourse in writing. I'm not suggesting that what I'm doing is a complete paradigmatic shift in narrative (and forgive me for taking the polemic in saying that, as my actual position is a bit milder), but what I'm aiming at is an experiment in creating a form of literature that goes further than previous works such as Grammatron in their methodologies of communication.

My biggest challenge right now, as I have said before, is that the tools to do so are either spotty in their availability or currently strain my abilities as a programmer.

But thanks again for your insights!

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