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> >What does this do to narrative? It takes the link
> or the linear 
> >progression (and I believe that in hyperlinking
> there may be 
> >non-linearity, but it is a distinct causal linkage
> taking you from 
> >one point to another) and creates a narrative
> 'range' of relations. 
> >I've always considered this as a sculptural form of
> writing, as I 
> >_am_ creating a narrative, but in very different
> terms than 
> >traditional hyperlinking.  But that takes it back
> to synaesthenic 
> >relations by adding a more haptic element to
> reading. In this case, 
> >narrative flow has been interwoven with the
> structure, and the 
> >structure is part of the HCI.  

Working with multivalent and ambivalent links, is a
device Benjamin unfolded in just this way in the
notebooks that became the never finished Arcades
project.  It seems that the world of this 'more poetic
form' this construction of a different form of
narrative, occurs at times on levels that resemble
synapses firing, exploding, leading somewhere, needing
nothing, like, as Benjamin thinks,

"Orpheus, Eurydice, Hermes at the train station.
Orpheus the one who stays behind. Eurydice in the
midst (?) of kisses. Hermes the stationmaster with his
signal disk... 
the transitional space of awakening in which we now
are living
is, wherever possible, traversed by gods. This
traversal of space by gods is to be understood as

It seems as if this hypertextual  space traversed by
gods is the sensation of a narrative 'range of
relations' as Adrian puts it, and a 'synaesthenic
response.' I as netwurker sing but you must follow the
words where they look into the pool of narcissus or
follow Orpheus down to hell; i cannot detain you, i
cannot help you get out. it is a noflight zone in the
sense that there is an endlessness and circularity
combined with complete openness in the phenomenology
of the space...i move through Patricks texts, i fly
lightening-like, am a god, am traversed by gods, as it
were because the narrative is embedded in the hci,
because the hci is embedded in the narrative; a
substantive hallucination, a sleepwalker's continuous





































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