[-empyre-] Mark Amerika and URLs

We have had a very interesting couple of days here with Mark Amerika who
has given two talks,  both of which charted his development from racy
word-playing experimental novelist to what he calls "digital screenwriter".
This included some reading of his early work which Mark himself was pleased
to rediscover! This seemed to be the  first "reading" of his novels  which
he has given for some time!!  Mark emphasised in his talks the way he is
always moving on: many very big changes in his work over a short time
frame. However he seems slightly worried by his recent acceptance within
the mainstream art world, and the fact that  artists are now calling his
work "beautiful"!

To get back to Electronic poetry, some of you may be interested in the
Cauldron and Net site http://www.studiocleo.com/cauldron/volume4/index1.html

also Poems That Go http://www.poemsthatgo.com/poems.htm :  somewhat
underadvertised site.


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