[-empyre-] replies to Margie and Drew

Hi Margie,

I was just looking at your work Afterimage:  in The Salt River Review,
Volume 4, No. 3  - Fall 2001. 


at DAC people seemed to be talking in terms of texts as temporal objects or
texts as spatial objects and not many were talking about texts as
simultaneously temporal and spatial (I remember someone was but I've
forgotten who).

It strikes me that Afterimage sometimes simultaneously explores spatial and
temporal themes; the text that animates (ie, in time) over the photos seems
flat and outside dimension, but it 'floats' in front of images which attain
a 3D illusion and refer to a previous time period. I consequently experience
a vertigo which is simultaneously temporal and spatial; time and space
achieve a sort of conjunction which is very effective

then you have metatext situating the image/text which further heightens the
conjunction of time and spatiality. The metatext is looking back in time,
but also into space (becuase the metatext slightly frames the photo/text).

I love texts which play around with time and space so much as you do here

it strikes me that your work does engage with that relativity nexus between
time and space -- I wonder how do you go about thinking through how you will
make your text unfold / display? Do you feel there is a tradeoff between
time and space, or do you feel that you have achieved a happy coexistence of
temporal and spatial elements in your work, something that I am always
struggling with?

Drew said

> so i'm currently designing an application to enable a
hypertextual document to be served up from a database
(just looking for a php programmer to help me out with
the implementation of it)

this sounds similar to what I'm meant to be doing], I wish you would say
more about 'the limits of hypertextual writing with html' and what issues
you hope your database will resolve

best, geni

cv and links available at http://hypertext.rmit.edu.au/~jenny

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