Re: [-empyre-] interactive type

Hello Hazel,

Re this url that I posted recently to empyre re interactive type,:

> And another from David Lu, works via keyboard interaction:

I've just discovered that this interactive typeface is available as part of
the Proce55ing project. The code for the work can be found at:

Where you can download (12.5 Mb) the alpha release of the Proce55ing Java
I.D.E. (free). This an initiative of Massachusetts Institute of Technology
and Interaction Design Institute Ivrea. - Processing is an open project
initiated by Ben Fry and Casey Reas.

The file you want is Custom_Alphabet. Once you have downloaded Proce55ing
and expanded the archive you will find it in the I.D.E. look under menu,
open, file, examples, typography, Custom Alphabet.

This will load the Java code which when run will give you the keyboard
interactive type interface mentioned in my previous post. Have fun.

I hope that having the code is of some use to you.

Cheers, Barrie

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