[-empyre-] admin drone:::::::::::::::::

dear empyreans  ..
as there is a higher volume of traffic  on the list at the moment  ..and
thankyou to all who are posting and reading...  a few admin reminders to
keep it flowing smoothly ..

**please post in "plain text format" :
some posts are being automatically flitered out because they contain
multipart or mixed text or rich
text format.. format type is an option in your email program.

**please stay on topic:
this list is a topic discussion list and thoes who continually send
announcements or promotional material not realted to the topic will be

** use the the web interface to administer your subscription:
the web page http://www.subtle.net/empyre contains options to do things like
unsubscibe, set your to "nomail" for a period if you are going on holiday,
or change you delivery from individual mail to digest version. your password
reminder  is automatically emailed to you at the end of each month.

you doing this stuff it makes our admin job so much easier ..happy


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