[-empyre-] thanks to Eugenie and Troy for morphing through October

-empyre- extends special thanks for playing in the
gamespace with Eugenie Shinkle (CA/UK) and Troy
Innocent (AU).  To discuss such abstractions in vivid
and concrete English syntax is no mean feat, and
speaking of feet, both kept theirs out of the slippage
of digital media jargon and cliche.  

Stay in touch with Troy's continuing design research
on <www.iconica.org>

Eugenie's layered approach to querying the gamespace
is most recently explored on
hypertext.rmit.edu.au/dac/papers/Shinkle.pdf from the
recent DAC conference in Melbourne, with more to come

If either of you  (T and E) have new urls for new
writing or other work on this topic, please send us a
post with these.

Again, thanks to you both and to all who contributed
to the morphing of such an arcane (or arcadian) topic
this month on 

-empyre- soft_skinned_space_



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