[-empyre-] Welcome new facilitators: Felix Sattler and Jim Andrews.

-empyre- takes pleasure in announcing that two new facilitators, Jim Andrews
Felix Sattler, are joining the already dynamic team of Michael Arnold Mages,
Christina McPhee and Melinda Rackham..

Jim, a Canadian artist, poet and programmer, and Felix a German artist and
curator  currently in Australia,  bring  unique areas of expertise to our
collective facilitatory wisdom :).  Regular -empyre- readers will already
know them both from earlier this year.  Jim was a guest in May 2003, writing
expansively on the highly engaging topic of electronic poetry, and Felix
hosted February 2003's  insightful investigation the process of creating
open-source art work.

..Welcome Felix and Jim..

--> Jim Andrews introduces himself:
I am a web.artist, visual poet, programmer, audio guy, and critic. I've
published my work on http://vispo.com since 1995. My site is my 'book'.
Vispo.com is toward a synthesis of arts, media, and programming. Before
moving to the Web in 1995, I produced a literary radio program called 'Fine
Lines' and, later, ?Frame? for six years that focussed on audio writing,
organized and hosted a live readings series called Mocambopo in my home town
of Victoria BC, Canada, and published a literary magazine called And Yet.
Currently I'm employed at the beginning of a four-year contract working with
musicians as a programmer of interactive audio/video at the University of

--> Felix Sattler (*29/09/1979) says about himself:
"i started out in media theory and cultural studies which still seems to
have some heavy formal influence on my current work. i am presently doing a
media arts degree both at the  bauhaus-university weimar, germany and at the
college of fine arts  sydney. most of my works have been sound and video
installations employing a  sense of transition between physical and
ephemeral spaces. ie, my recent larger-scale project, »syn-F0« (clouds)
dealt with the  shaping of sound as a sculptural practice. besides my own
artistic practice i have been involved in the  organisation of
the »backup_festival. new media in film» as the  coordinator of the addtl.
program and as part of the curator's team of  the ».lounge|lab open source
<> open art« collaborative workspace & exhibition in 2002."
links: http://www.designlab-siemens-mobile.org/designlab/term1/felix.cfm

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