[-empyre-] Introducing Neural Skeins and Digital Skins -- November on -empyre-

Please join -empyre- in welcoming Tamara Lai, Alessandro Ludovico, Alan
Sondheim and Florian Cramer discussing the terrain of the 'net, as text, as
psychogeography, as spatial construct.

In a pastiche of imagery and French and English text, Tamara Lai (Belgium)
spins her intimate, visceral cyber-poems from her base in Liege.  Lai's
oeuvre includes exploration of performance, ephemerality and virtual
relations.  See Tamara's latest work at

Alan Sondheim (US), New York based net artist and poet, conducts a
continuous meditation on cyberspace, emphasizing issues of interiority,
subjectivity, body, and language.

Alessandro Ludovico (IT) publishes the critical journal neural.it in Italian
and English online.  http://www.neural.it and http://www.neural.it/english

Florian Cramer (Germany), is a theorist on comparative net aesthetics and
literature, and lectures at the Free University Berlin. Personal site and
some writings available here:

Please join us in welcoming our esteemed guests in a free flowing debate
discussing net: écriture, sexuality, space, and landscape as pertains to
their work and theory.

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