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-dear -empyreans-

Last week, by chance, I found myself in a seminar with
one of November's guests, Florian Cramer. 

As if we might translate from the purely nonsemantical
 to something semantic and imaginary,   Florian speaks
of "productive misreadings of zeros and ones". 

Maybe, he speculates, zeros and ones may be not just
an underlying means to another end. 

Literature means the art which is written down in
letters taken from the code of the alphabet.   It has
a very loose relationship to its media -- and thereby,
it can be circulated: it's not bound to a certain

The implication of text is that it is not bound to a
certain process of writing it down. And this doesn't
have to be in print. The word "code" literally comes
from "carving" or "beating" ...carved into stone or
wood. So, code denotes writing.

In Plato's symposium, all creation or passage of non
being into being is poetry or making, and the process
of all art are creative; and the masaters of arts are
all poets or makers. "Poesis" means making or
construction. Plato's definition of poetry implies
passage or process.  

Might the metaphoric quality of binary code be found
in passage or shift?  In Greek,  "metaphor" means,
literally,  transport. 

Aristotle looks at metaphor as a shift of meaning, in
a nonliteral sense:  the shift is the metaphoric

So the question becomes, how is the gap between zero
and one being filled? 

I hope that our guests, Tamara, Florian, Alessandro
and Alan will find some paths-- fanciful, serious,
mystifying, playful-- within this  Forest of Arden
where i hope we will happily wander for the next

Apologies to Florian if I've got things mixed up...any
errors are my own.

christina -- -empyre- administration
<> wrote:
> Please join -empyre- in welcoming Tamara Lai,
> Alessandro Ludovico, Alan
> Sondheim and Florian Cramer discussing the terrain
> of the 'net, as text, as
> psychogeography, as spatial construct.
> In a pastiche of imagery and French and English
> text, Tamara Lai (Belgium)
> spins her intimate, visceral cyber-poems from her
> base in Liege.  Lai's
> oeuvre includes exploration of performance,
> ephemerality and virtual
> relations.  See Tamara's latest work at
> Alan Sondheim (US), New York based net artist and
> poet, conducts a
> continuous meditation on cyberspace, emphasizing
> issues of interiority,
> subjectivity, body, and language.
> Alessandro Ludovico (IT) publishes the critical
> journal in Italian
> and English online. and
> Florian Cramer (Germany), is a theorist on
> comparative net aesthetics and
> literature, and lectures at the Free University
> Berlin. Personal site and
> some writings available here:
> Please join us in welcoming our esteemed guests in a
> free flowing debate
> discussing net: écriture, sexuality, space, and
> landscape as pertains to
> their work and theory.
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