[-empyre-] some introduction ::

hi all,

thanks for invitation and sorry in advance for my bad English

>From 97 to 2003, realization of 20 web sites - most networked  sites (cf. my
'Tell A Mouse' Web ring  http://tellamouse.be.tf), and collaboration with
several hundreds worldwide artists.

The media (and codes of course) are for me, above all,  tools and vehicles;
technology brings to me remote proximity, impression of ubiquity,
psychotropic action of  moving images...
I am not intellectual nor a tchnician and my approach of the media is
intuitive. Although acting in the field of art, I see myself rather like a
poetess of words and image (and sound now...), with research of harmony and
balance (balance being, in my opinion, in its search...) in the life and
through art. I always used it with what I had access, according to the
circumstances and my desires: painting, photograph, video, computer
graphics, animations, multi-media interactive, Web art and Net art... But
when I initiate and direct networked projects, I regard myself especially as
an agent, an instrument, a catalyst.


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