Re: [-empyre-] Introducing Neural Skeins and Digital Skins -- November on -empyre-

> From: Barrie <>
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> Date: Tue, 04 Nov 2003 14:51:02 +1100
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> Subject: Re: [-empyre-] Introducing Neural Skeins and Digital Skins --
> November  on -empyre-
> The alphabet is a set of symbols that enable communication, Kipling comes to
> mind - see Just So Stories, how the alphabet was born/made - an interesting
> metaphor.
> Code seems to imply, to me, a secret language, a private semaphore of the
> mind from one to another, as well as a method of embodying ideas, messages
> etc.

what is the alphabet but a code? if you don¹t know the cyrillic alphabet or
chinese iconography, it¹s impossible to decode. code is not a secret
language, no more than greek is to me. it¹s just a question of [linguistic]
competence, but do I have to know the code of programmers to read net lit?
it seems to ask a bit too much of me, like having to know the skills of
typographers. can¹t I just read and leave the rest to the one who is the
know? or does net lit competency require knowledge of coding etc.?


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