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> Date: Tue, 4 Nov 2003 00:31:01 -0500 (EST)
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> I think you're right to some extent - Kristeva also talks about the chora
> or pre-oedipal, pre-linguistic aspect of the body. And at the base of the
> body, at its heart, is muteness. But coding is inextricably woven within
> all of this. By coding, by the way, I don't mean necessarily _language_
> per se - there's neural coding, there's what Pribram called 'retinal
> coding' (before the optic nerve even transmmits), etc. One can go down to
> the level of DNA and who knows what in cosmology at the other end of
> things.

yes, coding is inextricably interwoven with this. the chora is not a
property of its own. in my understanding, the chora is a rereading of
lacan¹s saying that the unconscious is ³the discourse of the Other². what
kristeva does, is to embody this proposition. if the unconscious in Freud
and so forth has been read as a transcendental property, she, by proposing
the chora, grounds the unconscious in the body and if the the unconcious is
the discourse of the Other, the chora/unconscious  is also structured and

there¹s also the thetic phase that precedes symbolization but, as she says
in Revolution in Poetic Language, the thetic phase is only a theoretical
presupposition ³justified by the need for description (68).


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