Re: [-empyre-] Introducing Neural Skeins and Digital Skins -- November on -empyre-

On Tue, 4 Nov 2003, Barrie wrote:

> This is a very interesting conjecture. Gestural drawing, isn't all drawing
> gestural? Gestural drawing has traditionally, I presume, an immediacy that
> allows for *un-premeditated* marks to be made. So, where is the language in
> this, symbolism? shape of the mark? metaphore? Mood/emotional state would
> seem to be an important aspect of this way of making a drawing. What rules,
> if any does Twombly apply in the way he works? These would effect outcome;
> Present centered being? Systems art concepts?
Why must there _necessarily_ be either system or code behind Twombly? Does
art _necessarily_ imply language, or even a coherent 'reading,' or even a
'reading' of any kind?

Art may well be mute, inert; it need not be readable. Perhaps the surplus
of painting is that indecipherable core, which may or may not rise to the
surface as well.

- Alan

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