Re: [-empyre-] for example - [ ? ] - exampl? -?xampl? -

Exactly and I still love figlets!

Here's a vocabulary - algorithm, program, code, pathology, obsession,
model. All of these circulate around human cognition. Your questions are
banging against that wall. What else do we have?

I've been thinking more and more about the immutable, the moot. Perhaps
the entire notion of cause and effect needs to be questions; this
vocabulary is from a peculiarly aristotelian view of things (I think).

As I mentioned somewhere else, one assumes that interpretation, 'reading,'
'writing,' etc. are all possible, that there is always a hermeneutic in
play, that intention is always on some level decipherable.

I don't believe this... Too much theory might not only heal and cauterize
the wounds, but imply that they weren't there, aren't there, in the first

- Alan
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