RE: [-empyre-] Accidents (was for example)

Hi - I've read numerous other computer science books - why this one in

In any case, I think we're working out of different paradigms completely.
Since you've mentioned Minsky, remember his take on formal neuron theory.

How would you represent the semantics of a poem?

All of which by the way brings up the frame problem which still isn't
solved as you know.


All of this is far, at least for me, from the subject of this forum. It
does connect to the extent that the mind is embodied (Warren McCullough's
Embodiments of Mind comes to mind, and that's decades old and still quite
useful), and that code has embodiments of its own, whether as completely
compiled programs or their textual counterparts, or as programmatic
textual part-objects such as you might find in mez's work. In some ways,
the slippage in mez is akin to slips of the tongue, etc. (which have also
been deconstructed); in my work, it's not so much slippage as fissure or

Fissure is a break     constituting same and same, such as a fissure in

Rupture is an epistemological or logical      [printf("break\n")]
- a break in orders.

Fissures remain within the order; rupture splits.

- Alan - I think, not sure, that there's material on this in the Internet
text somewhere or other -

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