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language is a socially abstracted tool (technology) to transfer abstractions between the self and the Other.


an embodied process/praxis for the transfer of energy between the self and the Other.

for example.

the sonic disturbance of speaking (or growling, screaming, humming) carries bio-energy from my embodied presence to the Other [from the mechanistic view: vibrating vocal chords, pressure waves in air, moving the parts of another's ear -- from a quantum view: electromagnetic flows within my body, which excite EM flows outside my body which excite flows of EM within the Other's body]

language cannot do that (it is an abstract wrapping of this energy transfer but carries no energy in and of itself).


language is only necessary to transfer models and ideas (abstractions) as a shared protocol within a social sphere of being.

(a comparable model:  barter vs electronic exchange of funds).

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