[-empyre-] noise signal and dreams


i find it intriguing to note that the symbolic notation we attribute to
various theories
leads to a clustering (almost bio-chemical and intractable:
philosophical belonging as an adjunct to identity)

is spontaneous allegiance to be analyzed biologically, culturally, or
critically (as in art schools)?

or simply dissolved into pan-theistic theoretics (quantum particles
and feynman's succinct precise ambiguous and paradoxical prose)

perhaps mutable and flourishing discussions such as these
will fertilize potential divergence and
"collision of disparate affinities" (as the surrealists used to say)
or "smart mobs" (as rheingold et al espouse)
and synergitically contribute to the foreseeable symbiosis of man-machine

as we ingest the code, do we become the code? (or is that just a cereal

semiotic convergences and  EEG protocols could be different sunglasses

i've certainly been enjoying the virtuousic cerebral banter
but i hesitate to subscribe to any one view
the human perceptual crevice is only a sliver of temporal and spatial

noise signal and dreams (sensual and digital)


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