Re: [-empyre-] Re:oh my god

> I'm in that fabulous spot where one just lands in a
> conversation....such as a bar
> and SPINS literally spins out...oh my god!
> What are you talking about. Can someone rescue this dialogue?
> Are the collective authors proposing that:
> 1/ there is a code/inscription that functions as a record and forms a
> pre-kinesthetic intention or script for gestures to be enacted by the
> body.
> 2/ There are gestures that operate as code for kinesthetic memory to
> reveal
> experience in the conscious.
> 3/ If gesture/code/kinesthetic memory are intertwined why doesn't
> scores for choreography
> reflect this.
> 4/ Where is choreography when it comes to the kinds of extended
> discourses such as found in music, and music theory; sound, harmonics,
> psycho-acoustics, intervals, rhythm, acoustics, scores, translation,
> transposition, spatial acoustics, spatial mapping, jamming, improv. to
> name a few....
> 5/ Have we discussed Reich yet?


I was addressing somatic save/inscribe/retrieve functions, thus chemical
codes in apposition to natural languages. Choreography was not on my mind,
or in my feet. Also, a gesture is not necessarily kinesthetic. It doesn't
operate but orchestrates, which is what I think you're saying. But
intertwining is for grape vines not neuronic circuits.


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