[-empyre-] potential of code..

tamara and others hi..

along with the metaphysical gaps between zero and one we have been
discussing i am interested in what inspired your work "portrait of god" as i
keep seeing  net.works that talk about spirituality popping up.. like Shilpa
Gupta 's "blessed bandwidth" commission at the Tate which looks at the place
of religion in digital age..

there seesm to be a persistent tendency to map ephemerality into electronic
i.e.  maybe that energy alan was talking about which maintains the language
protocols; the potential of energetic voids; the digital aura; etc.  im
having visions of  an animating  spirit residing in these gaps, lurking
bewteen data packets?


tamara wrote:
> when I initiate and direct networked projects, I regard myself especially
> an agent, an instrument, a catalyst.

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