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thanks Jim 



is a work of dlsan  an artist from Verona, Italia


he made it for URBANGS (Urban Anguishes)
a networked project (about 70 participants)
that i've realized in 2002 / 2003


Solenoïdes, contrary to appearances, is a Net art and even Web art project,
which would not have existed without Internet: the cyber poems are the
result of the destructuration of more classic texts, written for projects
and of extracts of mails addressed to some virtual correspondents. These
bits, re-compiled and re-written, call upon a subliminal intention: that of
speaking once again about the virtual relations, of feeling alone in front
of a dumb, voiceless, or silently noisy screen ; fascinated by this contact
of spirit to spirit, bewitched by these impulses/impulses wrapping me like a
magnetic and inextinguishable flux...

Since 1999, i've met and (work with) several hundred artists worldwide.
Sometimes during hours, I was in communication with correspondents, so much
so that my conscience of the place where I was and from the computer
disappeared, it was a such a close presence..., until the moment when the
illusion was broken by an external element, a noise or... At this time, I
found myself lonely in front of the screen, and this return to physical
reality was violent. It arrives me sometimes to confuse these
correspondents, and, (except to those which I met physically), I do not know
any more to which of these men I address myself. A French collaborator had
me one day compared with Mary Shelley! It is of that that my "Solenoids
speak": a history of love, an ode to a man who does not exist: Frankenstein
recreated from pieces of hearts and souls, dreams and images...
The body is the carnal envelope of the spirit. Projected beyond time and of
space the spirit has the capacity to create the illusion of a body image
and, if the contact continues in an intimate way, of a quasi physical


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> Tamara's 'Tell A Mouse':
> Enjoyed your 'medi[a]tation'
> piece,
> Tamara.
> I read the second part first as SWF, not SFW since it's in Flash, and
> laughed. But also I enjoyed the irreverent playfulness of it. There's a kind
> of meditation in composition, in creating work, that is sufficient.
> Looking at some of your other work, like
> , it seems
> experiential, imagistic. It doesn't try too hard to incorporate some notion
> of narrative but operates frame by frame, imagistically, though there are
> motifs running through the pieces on relationship.
> ja
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