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--- Yvonne Martinsson <> wrote:
> Every structure carries the logic of absence, the
> void; matter -
> anti-matter, you know the drill.

The above is self refuting.

Set Theory.

set of all structures

(set of structures that carry logic)
(set of structures that don't carry logic)
(set of structures who's carrying capacity is


Therefore there are some structures that may or may
not carry logic. Per: Entia non sunt multiplicanda
praeter necessitatem, one should not assume that the
set of structures of unknown capacity is an empty set,
any more than one should assume that the set of
structures that don't carry logic has any members.

So, no, not every structure carries the logic of
absence, or void, or antimatter or anything, really,
as it may be a structure from a set of structures
who's logical carrying ability is either absent or
unknown or unknowable.

Hence, it is unreasonable to assume that all
structures carry any given logic. 

I would also go further: Since logical statements are
a tiny subset of all possible statements, it is
actually much more likely that there are many more
structures that are completely useless and meaningless
than there are structures that can carry a given



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