Re: [-empyre-] potential of code..

it was not an assertion, just a question. The fact is that certain artists
et poets are visionaries. As for understanding our own oracles which prove
often foolish... perhaps we don't seek in the good direction? perhaps the
meaning is elsewhere...

ce n'état pas une affirmation, juste une question. Il n'empêche que certains
artistes et poètes sont des visionnaires.
Quant à comprendre nos propres oracles qui s'avèrent souvent insensés...
peut-être ne cherchons-nous pas dans la bonne direction ? peut-être le sens
est ailleurs...


> personally I don't think we're prophets at all, any more than any other
> group. prophecy scares me; we are simply too ignorant to do more than
> create oracles we can't read ourselves -
> and which may - for that matter - be nonsensical -
> Alan (spelling mistakes courtesy of PDA on line on the road)
> Trace projects
> finger
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